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Read on to see how a career serving our country and helping young athletes led to the creation of Hypeletics.


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This is Octavius Parker – owner and founder of Hypeletics!

Octavius spent 8 years in the Marine Corps and 5 years coaching Pop Warner football, during which time he learnt a lot about training the body for optimum physical fitness.

His unit in the marines was an elite special forces unit called 1st Force Recon Co – physical strength was a huge part of the job, and this helped him to understand the best way to train the body. 

He wanted to put his fitness skills to great use and he knows the quality of equipment needed to get the job done, so he created his Hypeletics equipment range to do just that!  


we are team hypeletics!

William - Dip Belt

Very impressed – ticks all the boxes for me. This belt is seriously comfortable. Surprisingly so compared to other leather belts I’ve tried. The weight is very evenly distributed (no stress on the lower back).

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Charles - Lifting Straps

Full disclosure, I do not usually review products unless my experience is terrible... I was so blown away with these things I had to leave my first positive review!!! Awesome right outta the box - highly recommend if you're looking for straps.

Ximena - Ankle Straps

Great addition to my leg days!!! Straps actually stay on don’t slide up my legs & Velcro is strong, stays on while lifting heavy!! Also comfortable, they don’t dig into your skin.

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Whether you’re a veteran like Octavius, just starting out in weight training, an experienced weight lifter or an athlete, our equipment is a great addition to your fitness regime whatever you’re skillset.
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