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Ankle Straps for Cable Machines

  • TONE UP LEG & LOWER BODY MUSCLES – Our kickback ankle strap allows you to target your calf muscles, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This ankle kickback strap helps you achieve a stronger, leaner body and improve your power mobility and flexibility.
  • CHOICE OF GYM ROUTINES – With the Hypeletics ankle weight strap you can use all kinds of gym equipment for glute workouts, hip abductor workouts, leg extension workouts, and leg curls.
  • SWEAT-RESISTANT, STRONG & STABLE: The breathable, sweat-resistant neoprene gym ankle cuff is comfortable on the skin, ultra-strong and durable. Designed with double stitching and soft neoprene padding, our workout ankle strap for cable is built to last.
  • AVAILABLE AS A SINGLE CUFF OR A PAIR: The Hypeletics ultra-durable, long-lasting ankle band for cable machines is suited for both men and women – is available as a single cable ankle strap or as a pair, with many different colors to choose from.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Order now risk free; we’re confident you will see the quality invested into this ankle strap, but if for some reason you’re not satisfied, we encourage you to let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you your money back



Hypeletics Ankle straps

Using This Ankle Workout Strap You’ll Build Stronger, Leaner Muscles in No Time

Our goal is to have toned, shapely, stronger legs, but when we use traditional workout machines we don’t get the workout we need to expand on our routines.

This is precisely why the Hypeletics workout ankle strap was developed. Now you can customize your lower body workouts, whether at home, in the gym, or when you’re out and about and on the go.

When you buy the Hypeletics fitness ankle strap you’ll never want to miss ‘leg day’ again.

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Ideal for Low-Impact Training

Our ankle straps for resistance bands and cable machines are the perfect fit for progressive resistance training. Simply hook the ankle cable strap up to your preferred machine or to a workout band and you’re good to go for a progressive- or recovery-based training routine.

Good Form, Great Leverage

When you use this cable kickback ankle strap, once secured, the ankle strap remains secured. The workout ankle cuff doesn’t chafe or rub the skin and you have all the control you need for doing leg lifts, leg raises, hip abductors, kick-outs, and generalized body sculpting routines. Use the fitness padded ankle strap with a cable machine or with a resistance band.

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Enhanced Hook and Loop System

This premium-grade weight lifting ankle cuff has been made stronger so you can safely perform heavier pulls. The hook and loop closure system means these ankle straps for cable never slip apart during a routine. It also means that weight is distributed more evenly. The cable machine ankle cuff is designed in a way that it doesn’t dig in to your ankle.

stainless steel d-ring


We fit the Hypeletics ankle strap for cable machines’ sweat-resistant neoprene ankle cuff with a tightly fastening system and steel D-rings so that you can do more and achieve more in a shorter time frame.

flexible ankle strap attachment machine

Flexible, Comfortable Neoprene

The ankle cuff for cable machine’s extra width means that it’s gentle on the skin. The extra width ensures that pressure is evenly distributed with every movement you do. The gym ankle strap’s cuff is comfortable to put on and will never dig into the ankle area.

maximum support ankle strap


The overall fit and design of our ankle straps allow for it to fit many different ankle sizes and perform a variety of exercises.

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Black, Hot Pink, Pink, Pink Camo, Purple


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