Neck Head Harness

Adjustable and Comfortable Design

Our neoprene padded straps provide your head maximum comfort. The neck trainer head harness’ hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to adjust the harness to the exact size you need. The durable, lightweight padded strap (rather than a chain) eliminates the possibility of pinching and allows more accurate weight to be attached, and prevents the weight from sliding around.

Easy to Use Neck Workout Equipment

Our neck training equipment is easy to use. Adjust the head straps to fit then attach your weights to the neck lifting harness’ reinforced strap. When this neck exercise equipment is attached to workout machines (lat pulldown machine, for example) you can take advantage of additional movements. No bulky chain to carry around in your gym bag either.

Ideal for All Athletes

Whether you do MMA, enjoy water polo, play football, box, wrestle, or kickbox, the Hypeletics’ head strap for neck exercise is the perfect tool for strengthening your neck muscles and providing you with improved overall stability.

Well Balanced

Unlike some other neck lift bands, the Hypeletics’ neck strengthener is correctly balanced. This weight lifting head harness holds weight in the center, thereby avoiding pulling to one side or to the other. By using the Hypeletics’ neck strengthening equipment your movements will always be safer and more beneficial.

What makes us better than the competition?

– Lifetime Support

– Heavy-duty D-rings

– Extra Thick Padding for the most comfort you can get from a neck harness

– 33-inch heavy-duty lightweight strap

– Supports up to 200lbs

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10 reviews for Neck Weight Lifting Harness

  1. matt Todd

    Couldn’t be happier with this product. Priced well and shipped on time. Much easier to fit properly than my old one. Lighter weight. More comfortable. Weight is closer to my neck and feels more stable. 100 percent better than my old stiff leather one. Recommend this to anyone looking to strengthen their neck.

  2. Eric

    I wanted to add some neck exercises to my work outs. I would random hurt my neck so I figured strengthing it should help. I like the strap better than the chain. And then I use my bands for the side to side motions. Definitely would recommend.

  3. BDMinor

    Great Neck Harness. It having two areas where I can adjust the fit is perfect as it allows me to fit it on my head and my friends who has a much smaller head. Adjustable around the head and under the chin. Easy to adjust the size. You can use it without latching the chin too if for some reason you have a smaller chin. Total comfort during workouts.

  4. Carlos Millan

    Great value.

  5. Smallpoly

    What is there to say about this? It’s sturdy, for one thing – it’s meant to support weight after all. This feels like the kind of dense strap material you’d make a rock climbing harness from.Having a chin strap means it can handle a wider range of motion without slipping off. The top part supports the majority of the weight, with the velcro only keeping the harness in place on the chin and sides. Velcro is nice for quick adjustment.The whole thing easily holds 75+ lbs, which most people won’t get to on their neck anytime soon.

  6. Omar

    It’s okay more importantly a bang for the buck the only downside the strap that goes to the chine ends up in your throat. But other then that it’s like I said best bang for the buck

  7. Marc L

    Received the package and it was very compact. The material is more than adequate for the purpose of the hardware. I’m doing a lot of workouts at home so wanted something to strengthen my neck and traps. I’ve used it once and it works like I expected. The material is comfortable(not itchy) and fits perfectly.

  8. Vincent the Motorcycle Mover

    I’ve spent MANY years in the gym. But, in 2018 I was diganosed with head & neck cancer. The chemo & radiation beat me up pretty bad. The radiation (focused on my neck) & weight loss from the chemo took an inch off my neck! 18 months after treatment ended & slowly building up my strength again, I finallyy started towork on the neck muscles. And I’ve been having a great time with this product!

  9. David Trains Outside

    Nice fit. Quality build. Used today for first time. 4 sets of 12 with a 10 pound bell. No harness movement, it can easily handle more weight

  10. Wei C

    Solid harness, the cable band is nice and the fit is good.

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